So You Want My Job: Tree Climber

Every little kid wants to climb trees — it’s just built into us that where there are trunks and branches, we will ascend them. This desire, in many of us, never really goes away. I still get a hankerin’ to scramble up trees when I’m out hiking or even just in my backyard. For a few very fortunate people in our world, they don’t have to outgrow that desire, and better yet, have made a career of it. One of those people is Tim Kovar, founder of Tree Climbing Planet (a tree climbing school) near Portland, Oregon. While many men daydream about careers spent in the outdoors, very few attain that dream. It’s also even hard to know what the options for various outdoor careers may be. We had the pleasure to chat with Tim about his job, and how you can break into this unique field.